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Black Mountain, NC -- As we grapple with the reality of the election of Donald Trump, the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN) today reaffirms our commitment to the communities that we serve and are a part of. We will not let Trump, any politician, or any person who works against our humanity, deter our fight for our collective liberation, dignity and respect. We say no to any and all agendas of hate.

Our true power rests in our long legacy of resistance and resilience as well as our vision and our tireless pursuit of dignity and justice for immigrants, undocumented people and all communities marginalized by hatred and oppression. More than ever, our struggles are inextricably linked and we will not stop until all of our communities are safe and free.

To our undocumented community, and every community that is the target of Donald Trump’s rhetoric, we love you and will work tirelessly to ensure hate and fear does not take over our lives. We will come together, we will build power rooted in our vision of dignity and liberation, we will support, hold, defend and protect one another, and we will continue to pave our path to justice.  

We look forward to seeing many of our members and allies in Black Mountain, NC this weekend for the 2016 SEIRN Conference as we pave our path towards liberation. 


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