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SEIRN Outraged By Racist Actions From Governors

The Southeast Immigrant Rights Network is outraged by the racist and violent political actions of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who decided to ship asylum seekers in buses and airplanes to northern cities as if migrants were merchandise.

SEIRN'S co-director Nayely Perez-Huerta states:

“Let’s be clear. These despicable actions are more than a dirty political game; these actions are what white supremacy and structural violence look like. What these government officials are doing is what has been done to black, indigenous and brown people for centuries: treat us like disposable objects to rob us from our humanity.”

“Asylum seekers are humans who have suffered poverty, violence, hunger, and fear in their homeland. Governors Abbott, Ducey, and DeSantis are playing with the lives of babies, children, youth, and adults who have to endure long rides to the unknown. The political tactics used by these governors inflict pain and trauma in our communities and will have lasting effects. We hold these governors accountable and demand an end to this pattern of racism, neglect, and inhumane actions.”

The cruel actions taken by these governors and the lack of action on behalf of the federal government are equally violent. Immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We demand local and federal officials grant fair, dignified, and humane treatment to asylum seekers by creating a humane immigration system that centers the dignity and safety of those seeking asylum and protection.

We uplift the communities that are responding to this humanitarian crisis and remind us yet again that only we protect each other. Below are some groups you can contribute to who are at the forefront of the response.

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