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Southeast Immigrant Rights Network

Resistance outside and behind bars

July 6, 2017

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Detention Watch Network members and SEIRN members to coordinate a series of actions in the Southeast to continue to demand an end to detention and deportation. We want our communities to live free of fear and to be treated with dignity and respect.




The Southeast has a long history of racism and white supremacy, and has been a testing ground for anti-immigrant, homophobic, anti-worker and racist legislation and policies that target our communities for incarceration, detention and deportation. Under the current anti-immigrant and racist administration the already oppressive and inhumane system of detention and deportation has expanded and become even less transparent and accountable.


But the South also has a long history of resistance by Native American, black and immigrant communities. In the spirit of this resistance, we are organizing to continue to transform the South into a place where families live free of fear by calling for the shutdown of Etowah, Stewart, Irwin and LaSalle and for the entire system of detention and deportation to be defunded.


Please save the dates for the following actions. If you live in one of these states and want to get connected, or if your group wants to host an action, please contact us.


Georgia: Thursday, July 6th


Alabama: July 20th


Virginia: July 22nd 


Tennessee: July 22nd


South Carolina: July 23rd


North Carolina: July 28th  


(Art by Rommy Torrico)

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