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May Member Shoutout: Southeast Asian Coalition

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

We are very proud of our partners Southeast Asian Coalition and all the work they do to help our communities!


Hello SEAC Villagers! Check out this empowering trailer that follows the story of Chuh and Rex's family and fighting deportation ft. some familiar faces - SEAC Squad Cat Bao Le & Sun Bujri and Mentor/Pro Bono Attorney Tin Nguyen. Shoutout to Lan Nguyen for taking the time and dedication to put this story and film together! ️

Donate to support the family and watch the full film at

"Almost two decades ago, Chuh and Rex, refugees from the indigenous tribes of Vietnam, fell in love and started a family in North Carolina. Chuh and Rex were childhood lovers who ended up raising a family of four daughters. In 2017, Chuh was deported to Vietnam, leaving his young wife and daughters in the U.S. The psychological and emotional punishment of being separated has made both of their lives extremely difficult. Chuh struggles to adjust to life in Vietnam, while Rex exemplifies resilience and skill as she balances raising her children, maintaining her long-distance relationship, working full time, and navigating the legal system for her husband’s return to the U.S."

We highlight the work of SEIRN members and partners via our blog and social media. If you'd like to have your local group or organization highlighted in our membership emails or website, contact Evelyn Servin at 256-277-1098 /

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