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SEIRN condemns massive raids in MS

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The Southeast Immigrant Rights Network condemns the large-scale immigration raids conducted by ICE in several communities in Mississippi today, which resulted in approximately 680 poultry workers arrested.

This attack in Mississippi follows a week of horrific violence against immigrant families that has terrified and traumatized our community. To tear apart almost 700 families just days after the El Paso, Gilroy and Ohio tragedies makes this despicable attack—- which will have a long-term, devastating impact for so many children, families, and communities—-even more atrocious. ICE must be abolished!

We stand in solidarity with the detained workers, the families impacted and the communities that are living in fear. We are collaborating with SEIRN members to support and provide assistance to local groups and organizations in Mississippi. We shall overcome. Mississippi families: You are not alone.

We ask our SEIRN members, partners, allies to fill out the following form and fill out the type of support your group/organization can provide to local groups in Mississippi. We need one another more than ever.

Photo credit: Clarion Ledger/ Rogelio V. Solis, AP

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