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Senators: Restore path to citizenship in Build Back Better

The Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN) exhorts the Senate Democratic leadership to bypass the parliamentarian´s opinions on immigration relief and reintroduce a pathway to permanent residency and eventual citizenship into the immigration provisions of the Build Back Better Act.

Yesterday, Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough issued her recommendation on “Plan C,” an already watered-down immigration relief program that only offered temporary work permits. Her decision to reject all three immigration relief provisions means that Senate Democrats have no choice but to disregard her opinions and make good on their promise to deliver a path to citizenship for immigrant communities.

Immigrants are essential to the vitality of this country, and immigration relief with a pathway to citizenship is fundamental for immigrants to thrive and help this country re-flourish. Immigrant communities cannot afford to wait another 35 years for Congress to pass legislation that offers a pathway to citizenship. We want Senate Democrats to exercise their right to bypass the parliamentarian´s rulings and to pass a pathway to citizenship as part of the Build Back Better Act.

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