Southeast Immigrant Rights Network

Join our new leadership and organizing initiative!

Deadline to apply: March 11th 


The Hummingbird Institute is a new initiative of the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN) that seeks to bring together grassroots immigrant and refugee leaders from around the Southeast to advance their leadership and organizing skills.


The goal of this initiative is to strengthen the collective and democratic leadership of grassroots immigrant leaders and refugees, and foster a collective vision of justice and dignity for all. 


This Hummingbird Institute is for Southeast grassroots leaders committed to: 

  • Organize and strengthen the power of their community to defend their human rights and dignity

  • Exercise collective and democratic leadership and support the development of new leaders within their groups and in the movement

  • Deepen their understanding of how the fight for the rights of immigrants is linked to a broader movement for justice

  • Advance a collective vision of justice centered on the dignity of all people


  • Form a committed group of Southeast immigrant leaders and refugees to deepen our understanding of leadership and community organizing.

  • Create spaces for reflection and collective learning about the different leadership styles we exercise and how they affect our struggle for justice

  • Learn, evaluate and practice methods of community organizing and seek alternative solutions or strategies to address challenges we face when organizing in the community

  • Learn about popular education and why and how to integrate it into our community organizing practices

  • Learn about basic steps to create and launch local campaigns

  • Expand our political analysis and challenge our beliefs about what the struggle for immigrant justice entails

  • Create individual action plans and an accountability process to continue strengthening our leadership during the program and after it ends



This initiative is for grassroots immigrant or refugee leaders who:

  • organize in the Southeast as part of a grassroots group

  • do not receive a salary for their work in the community

  • have been organizing for a minimum of one year 

  • are able and available to travel to North Carolina to participate in the first gathering from March 27 to 29

  • are able and available to travel to different states in the Southeast for a July gathering, the 2020 SEIRN Conference (locations to be determined), and a third gathering in 2021

  • commit to participate in follow up calls between gatherings 

  • commit to a collective learning process acknowledging that there will be difficult conversations. 



  • The first gathering will be from March 27 to 29 in North Carolina

  • The second gathering will take place July 10-12 (potentially Georgia) 

  • The SEIRN Conference will take place in September or October (potentially Mississippi)

  • Gatherings will begin on Friday at 6:00 pm and end at 1pm 

  • Participants are expected to participate for the entire duration of the gatherings 

  • Participants will be expected to commit to 10 hours of calls/video chats between gatherings. 



  • This project will be open to a maximum of 15 grassroots immigrant/refugee leaders from the Southeast

  • We will pay for travel expenses and lodging for all participants

  • We will offer a $500 stipend to participants to partially offset lost income from missing work to participate in the program 

  • We will provide interpretation and childcare 

  • Meals covered at the gathering include: dinner on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday

  • Participants will deepen relationships with other committed immigrant/refugee leaders from the Southeast 

  • As part of the program, participants will develop and implement an action plan to further their leadership and organizing skills, with support from SEIRN staff and fellow comrades 




If you have any questions or need further information please contact Nayely at 919-341-9796 or