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Southeast Immigrant Rights Network

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On August 5th, we launched our 2019 annual fundraising campaign; however, two days later we learned about the inhumane raids taking place across Mississippi and we knew we had to take action. We decided to put a pause on our fundraising campaign and provide as much support as possible to respond to the massive raids that impacted over 680 families. Since August 7th, we have been deeply invested in supporting the community in Mississippi through rapid response and community organizing efforts.
Please click here to read our report on the work we have done in Mississippi until now.
We resumed our fundraising efforts and hope to count on your support to raise $6,261 in 5 days and reach our $10,000 goal. There is still a lot of work left to do in Mississippi and across the Southeast region. We need you to stand with us as our region continues to be a target of deplorable actions orchestrated by ICE and the Trump administration.
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Join us in investing in the organizations, community groups and organizers standing at the frontline of the immigrant rights struggle in the Southeast. Immigrant rights leaders from across the region join SEIRN to learn from each other, develop new skills, and continue to develop strategies to protect our people and build thriving communities.
As we continue to fight back against the systems and policies that seek to separate our families and communities, SEIRN is committed to continue to:
  • Center grassroots leaders and their families through leadership development and community organizing.
  • Uplift the stories and leadership of those who are directly impacted by the immigration system.
  • Hold spaces of mutual learning that allow us to envision and build stronger communities.
  • Build solidarity across communities as we continue to fight for our collective liberation.
  • Support communities in building the networks and structures needed to protect each other from ICE.
We are proud and inspired by the resiliency,
love and generosity of our people. 
Would you help us strengthen the immigrant rights movement
in the Southeast by helping us raise $10,000 in 5 days?

Welcome to SEIRN!

The Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN) is comprised of 29 immigrant-led grassroots groups as well as local, state and regional organizations working together to lift the voice and leadership of immigrant communities in the Southeast. We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our work, and join us in building a vibrant, grassroots-led immigrant rights movement in the South.