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SEIRN is excited to announce Weaving Solidarity, a program that seeks to strengthen the immigrant rights movement in the South and connect it to other social justice movements by helping to build local and regional relationships of mutual solidarity between different immigrant/refugee communities and between immigrants/refugees and other oppressed groups.


SEIRN is organizing Weaving Solidarity in partnership with Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Acción, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, the Highlander Research and Education Center, and Women Watch Afrika because we firmly believe that building solidarity between different immigrant/refugee communities and between these communities and other oppressed groups is fundamental to transforming the South. We cannot afford to miss the opportunity that this political moment offers us to come together to strengthen our relationships and build towards collective, transformative action.

Program Details


Phase 1 of Weaving Solidarity will consist of three convenings. The first convening will be part of the 2019 SEIRN Conference and will be held in Nauvoo, Alabama, which is an hour north of Birmingham. The dates and themes of each gathering are:


  • Gathering 1 and SEIRN Conference (Thursday, September 5 to Sunday, September 8)--- getting to know each other,  learning about our different struggles, understanding the current and historical context, points of intersection and differences.

  • Gathering 2 (Friday, December 6 to Sunday, December 8)--- how do we heal and build resilience as individuals, groups/organizations, and within and between communities.

  • Gathering 3 (Friday, March 13 to Sunday, March 15)--- how to organize our communities to build solidarity.


Ongoing communication, relationship building and support

Cohort members will continue to build relationships with each other in between gatherings through conference/video calls and social media. At least two full cohort conference/video calls will be organized.


Weaving Solidarity back home

The gatherings will be vibrant spaces for collective learning, sharing and regional relationship building between individuals and groups that are already in the process of building solidarity with others or who are committing to doing so. SEIRN believes that undertaking this process together as a region is vitally important to help to strengthen our movement for justice, dignity and liberation in the South. But it is also essential to build solidarity between communities at the local and state levels, where much of our organizing work takes place.  

As part of the Weaving Solidarity program, participants are asked to commit to actively work locally to build relationships with communities other than their own. Recognizing that participants come into this process with different levels of experience and relationships with other communities, this local work will look different for everyone. Cohort participants will develop a plan to implement what they are learning back home.


In addition to peer support from other cohort members, SEIRN staff and cohort facilitators will offer support to each participant or team as they develop and implement their plan.  Teams that implement specific events, actions or projects will be eligible to apply for a small stipend to help cover expenses. 



Although it is not a requirement, we encourage participants to apply as part of a team of people who are already working together or are committed to working together to build solidarity between different immigrant and refugee communities and with other oppressed communities at the local or state level.  Teams can be members from one group or organization, or from various groups or organizations. We highly encourage teams to be comprised of grassroots members from at least two different immigrant/refugee communities and/or at least one immigrant/refugee community and one other oppressed  community.



There is no cost to participate in the program. SEIRN will cover travel and lodging expenses and will provide meals during the convenings.



SEIRN is committed to doing everything possible to offer a multilingual space where everyone can participate in the language(s) they feel most comfortable in. To this end, it is really important that participants state their preferred language(s) on their application.


Childcare will be available at the gatherings and at the SEIRN Conference.


Timeline and time commitment

Participating in Weaving Solidarity requires a substantial investment of time. The estimated minimum amount of time required is as follows:

  • Application process:

  • Gathering 1 and SEIRN Conference: 3.5 days + travel time (Thursday, September 5 to Sunday, September 8)

  • Gathering 2:  2.5 days + travel time (Friday, December 6 to Sunday, December 8)

  • Gathering 3: 2.5 days + travel time (Friday, March 13 to Sunday March 15)

  • Conference call 1: 1 hour (date to be decided)

  • Conference call 2: 1 hour (date to be decided)

  • Local efforts to build solidarity: to be determined

  • One on one support with SEIRN/Weaving Solidarity team or local partner: 2-5 hours over 6 months

  • Peer support/relationship building (social media, calls, etc.): up to each individual/team


Requirements and Criteria

In order to meet and best fulfill the intentions of this program, participants must:

  • Identify as a refugee, immigrant, second generation (child of immigrant or refugee parents) and/or

  • Identifies as part of another oppressed/marginalized community, including, but not limited to Black, LGBTQ, or differently abled

  • Live in the Southeast

  • Commit to participate in all three gatherings, the 2019 SEIRN Conference (as part of the first gathering), and group conference calls

  • Commit to build or strengthen solidarity with one or more communities other than their own and to expand the work beyond their participation in the Weaving Solidarity program

  • Demonstrate a commitment to build solidarity between the communities represented within the cohort and beyond

  • Demonstrate  a commitment to fighting oppression in all its forms

  • Agree with SEIRN's guiding principles.


Application process

  1. Fill out an application.

  2. If applying as a team, we highly encourage to fill out a team application in addition to individual applications.

  3. Submit your applications by no later than July 31.

  4. The Weaving Solidarity team will review applications and may schedule an interview over the phone.

  5. Applicants will be notified of their selection no later than August 12. 


Please contact Mónica Hernández at or at (865) 219-3979 if you have any questions.